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Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

We're quite excited to offer our second run of fresh, pasture-raised broilers. These are a hybrid of heritage breeds- designed to grow naturally and produce a lovely portion of dark meat. These birds should be your definition of a chicken. We'll again be working with Derek Lampert from Pluck-Around Custom Poultry Processing- a local company that comes directly to the farm and processes our animals here.

Why would we do that when we could pack them up and drive them to a local processor to dispatch? A few reasons- first and foremost, in caring for the animals on our farm- ones that we consume and the ones we don't, we want them to know a good and stress-free life- for as long as we possibly can. They're on pasture, improving the land, eating all the plants and bugs they desire in addition to a whole-grain, corn and soy free diet. By processing them here, we can provide the optimum environment free from the stress of transport. And, in the end, if we do our job right, they'll only have one bad day.

Even then, the processing of our animals must be done with gratitude, respect and skill- putting as little stress as possible on the animal. We are looking forward to working with Pluck-Around again as Derek displayed all of those traits in processing our first run of chickens at our Spring Festival.

We sold over 3/4 of the birds that day.....and boy, is there a difference between a factory-raised, hormone-filled, GMO corn-fed somethin'.....and a pasture-raised bird!

Tomorrow (May 21st) we'll be processing red broilers. In a number of weeks- we'll have another 50 cornish-cross to process. What isn't sold fresh is frozen and available for purchase at the same price.

If you're interested in tasting fresh chicken....that was literally walking around a few hours before, our birds will be available for purchase at $5.00/lb. Birds will hopefully be between 4 1/2-6lbs.

No chemicals. No hormones. Humanely treated. Pasture-Raised and fed a whole grain diet free of corn and soy.

They're worth every penny! Get in touch and try a bird or two-

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