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"Bee" Ready for Anything!

I sometimes feel like the ringmaster in a three-ring circus.......although I'm not sure if the ringmaster shovels chicken poo. There is a lot going on around here lately. I think I figured out why there aren't a preponderance of spring festivals at farms- there's just too much farm work to do at this time of year. If you're like us- and have other "jobs" in addition to farming- you must be ready to adjust to changes in schedules.

As it turns out, our nuc and three boxes of Carniolans arrived just in time to add hiving the bees to the mix of things to do. This brings our total number of hives to 6. These girls should improve our veg/fruit production and add a welcome crop to Seedpod Farm's growing list of products- delicious wildflower honey. I can hardly wait!

Unfortunately, they don't seem to realize that I'm the gal that makes the syrup they so vigorously are lapping up because I was stung three times while mowing near the hives. Granted I was riding a noisy, red lawnmower (did I look like a bear??). Stinging was unnecessary! A few benadryl later, and I'm good to go. I had my epipen too (an addition after last year's reaction)- but the Benadryl did the trick. "Bee" Ready!!! Adam can mow near the hives in his suit from now on.

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