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Adam Gullett, MPT

Husband, Dad and Farmer

Adam is a life long resident of Washington State.  Having been raised in eastern Washington, he has been an avid outdoorsman all his life.  When not being a busy husband and father- or at his day job as a physical therapist, Adam can be found working the land.  He is truely the muscle behind the operation!

Julie Gullett, MEd, MASF

Wife, Mother, Farmer, Spiritual Director

Julie is a fourth generation farmer also from eastern Washington.  Prior to being a mom and farmer, Julie had been a social worker and elementary school teacher. The majority of her time is spent homeschooling the Seedpod Kids.....and dreaming up "what's next" for the farm. 

Isaac, Nate, & Ellie

Seedpod Kids

The Seedpod Kids are enjoying life on the farm.  Homeschooling has afforded them the opportunity to be a part of every peice of our growing business.  Each kiddo is encouraged to explore their areas of interest which we then incorporate into our homeschooling lessons.  This is leading us down some interesting paths. Our interest in honeybees for example, came out of our exploration of crop rotations in the garden. 

Heritage Delaware Chickens

Egg Producers

The Dels were the second animal we brought onto the farm after an extensive research project with the kids.  As part of our research into heritage breeds, we learned about The Livestock Conservancy, an organization whose purpose is to track, advocate and preserve the genetic diversity of our livestock.   We chose the Delaware breed as a dual producer (meat and eggs) and it's status as threatened.  They are fed a whole grain, locally sourced diet- plus all the bugs, plants and garden scraps they can eat.  Thus far, this hearty breed has been a great egg producer for us.

Dwarf Nigerian Pygmy Goats

Blackberry Management Team

Anyone living in western Washington battles the invasive Himalayan Blackberry.  Our blackberry "issue" lead to us purchasing three rescued pygmy goats our first year here on the farm.    We utilize temporary fencing to move them around the farm to various areas that need attention.....then it's back to the barn at night.  They provide endless hours of enjoyment for the whole family.

Honey Bees

Pollination and a bit of Honey

The entire family participated in the Lewis County Master Beekeeping course.  Each week the kids would study various aspects of beekeeping- from anatomy & life cycle to the proper care and feeding of these magnificent creatures.  In the Spring of 2013 we brought our first hives onto the farm.  We will be expanding production each year.


Family Guardian

The name "Stuart" literally means "guardian"- so our Great Dane pup is aptly named.  Stu moved with us from neighborhood living- so it has taken him a bit of time to adjust to farm life.  He has taken a liking to running in the wide open spaces with the kids- never venturing far from his "pack".  The life of a farm dog is tiring!


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