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Our Vision

October 2014


Dear Neighbor,


Thank you for spending time perusing our site.  It is our hope that you would be inspired by what you see-perhaps inspired enough to support a local farmer near you.  Perhaps we'll be lucky enough for that local farmer to be us!


Not long after purchasing the farm, my husband and I were having a conversation about "the possibilites" for the farm.  These conversations consist of a lot of "what ifs and then whats".  What starts out as an exciting exercise in dreaming, often ends up being an anxious experience that can flip our attitudes from an "abundance" mindset to one of "scarcity" rather quickly.    In the midst of this discussion, we landed on a plant metaphor and focused on a blooming's beauty, it's wonder.  "Perhaps our farm can be like that?  A beautiful example of sustainable farming," we wondered.  Yet, something didn't sit well at all with either of us and we soon realized that our metaphor was incomplete.


A plant's sole purpose is not to be a lovely example- it's bloom is a means to an end. The goal is going to seed, to ensure the next generations.  A plant must do all it can to break open and put forth its best self.  In a way it must experience a kind of death in order to become more than itself.


Seedpods are amazingly diverse- a vast array of colors, shapes, sizes.  Some plants set one seed and others many.  Some spread their seeds via birds or animals.  Still others catch a ride on a rushing stream.  And of course- there is the wind. 


Not long after this conversation we began our first haying season.  We were plagued with breakdowns.  I seemed to go 50ft with the disc mower and then have to get off the tractor to sort out the hay that had become literally, wrapped around the axle (a metaphor in and of itself!).  It was frustrating. 


But then, as it happened, I was blessed by the most amazing sight.  As I crawled back on the tractor and began to creep along,  a single seed of a dandelion hung in the air just above my head.  It seemed to glint in the morning sunlight and I was transfixed.  It was one of those moments where time seems to slow and every breath is weighed.   I remember thinking how beautiful that seed was- it's design so efficient, riding on the gentle breeze.  Furthermore it occurred to me that no matter where that seed landed, there would surely be a dandelion sprouting up.  True, most of us see them weeds- but look at how well they do their job!  From that one seed, how many plants would be born?  How many generations would follow?  We could make such an impact.


Thus was born the vision for our farm (and our logo as well).  We hope to be a place where we can "grow our best".....not just the best produce & animals....but our best selves as well.  We hope too that when folks leave this place that they will go where the wind of the Spirit would take them.......... and then be planted, grow, bloom and produce more seed.  Our very name will remind us of the promise of something to work toward- in faith.


We look forward to growing and blooming here in this place.  Most importantly though- we look forward to going to seed.



Warm Regards,

The Gulletts


"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,

“plans to prosper you and not to harm you,

plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremian 29:11



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