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Thanks and Praise for a Spring Festival Well Done

Thank you so very much to all the hard working vendors who helped make Seedpod Farm's Spring Festival & Craft Fair a wonderful success. A special "thank you" to Duane and Linda Bordwell & Dennis and Lena Gullett who made the trek across that state to lend us a hand. We are so grateful!

Thank you too to Nancy Simms and Bev Jaeger for their cheery smiles and willing hands. And, a special "thank you" to Carrina Stanton- our wonderful Bubble Lady, who helped kiddos learn about water on Seedpod Farm through bubble art.

What a wonderful Spring Festival & Craft Fair! Aside from one brief sprinkle, the rain even held off until we were all packed up! Below are a few photos from the day's doings. You can see more photos on our Facebook Page. We look forward to seeing you all throughout the growing season.....and of course, for our Harvest Festival & Craft Fair in October!

Fun at the sand table and obstacle course while mommas and pappas watch and mingle!

Wonderful music from The Brown Family-

Grabbing lunch from Big T's BBQ- Pulled pork sandwiches, meatballs, pasta salad.....pure Yum!

Farmer Isaac and his favorite hen Pickles reading with a new friend.

These chairs were rarely unoccupied. So lovely to just have a space to sit, rest and watch the doings.....

Making giant bubbles and bubble art with Miss Carrina! It's amazing how fun two sticks, a piece of string and some magic bubble sauce can be. Pure Joy!

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