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Palatial Pastured Poultry Paradise

I'm a thinker. I admit it. Rarely is my mind not spinning some proverbial plate. After 10 years of marriage I'd have to hand it to my husband....he still smiles when I say "Honey, I have an idea...". Well, most of the time.

As we've discussed previously, our little piece of farming heaven is located on the Skookumchuck River. When we purchased the property it was with the knowledge that we were in a flood plain- that the land had flooded in the past- and that this would be part of the picture for us moving forward.

With each animal we consider bringing on the farm, each venture we undertake, part of our discussion is what to do in the event of a flood. When we discussed doubling our laying flock and developing a system to raise them on pasture, we needed to find a way to get them off the property in the event of a flood. Somehow loading the truck cab with 57 chickens, two dwarf goats, our great dane and three children didn't seem all that practical.....although that'd be a picture.

The answer to this dilemma came in the form of a mobile chicken tractor that in the event of a flood can be secured and hitched to the back of the truck. It all began when someone dumped off a rusty trailer by the side of the road near my dad's farm a few years back....silly people! That became the basis of our Chicken Palace. A few sketches, research and experience with our own coop lead us to the fantastic design you see here. Thanks to Farmer Duane and Farmer Adam for their hard work and problem solving- the results are fabulous! It was a great day when we moved the new Delawares along with our rooster Rudy to their new digs. I was so excited as this was a game changer in terms of time.

I have another rusty trailer in the barn......and another idea. If you have a little trailer you'd like to donate- we'd love, love, love to have it! I've got a great idea for a Turkey Tractor for 2016!

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