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The Seed of Change....

There was a big transition in the Gullett household this week. We made a decision as a family for me to be "all in" on the farm which meant me stepping away from my job as Director of Music Ministries at our church. This was a very hard decision for us- as discernments often are- but I am learning (albeit slowly sometimes) that God provides one opportunities to really "lean in" to the vision God has laid in front of you- and sometimes that cannot be done by half measure. Mind you, that doesn't mean that you have all the answers- far from it!! But, it does mean that one has the opportunity to make a choice to step out in faith and trust.

So, that is what I did on Sunday. It was a "good" bye- a celebration of my time with the people of that parish, the music we had made, and the shared journey in ministry these past nearly four years. What was most affirming to me was to see the banding together of those folks on the Music Ministry Team- and the gusto with which they picked up the reins of the music ministry for the parish. I leave knowing that everything is in good hands.

As with any change though, there is sadness- and with that, uncertainty.....but there is also affirmation.

I was gifted with a lovely bouquet that had been on the altar for that service. It had been handled plenty by the time it made it's way to the farm. I gave fresh cuts on the stems- and placed the flowers in a pitcher on the dining room table- fluffing them into their fullness and admiring their beauty.

It was then that I saw a single seed hanging from the edge of the bouquet......not just any seed- but a dandelion seed. ...just like our logo. It hung from an unopened bud of a lily- the plant of resurrection and promise of new life.

Like the single seed that so inspired our vision for the farm a few years ago- this seed simply hung there, gently moving in the heretofore imperceptible wind. It brought tears to my eyes and I knew- that God was gifting me with a sense of rightness and promise knowing that those seeds that had been planted four years ago were now blooming gloriously- and that there are now new seeds to be planted. On that lovely bouquet hung a seed symbolic of the changes in store- and affirmation of our vision to "Grow Our Best" and ultimately, go to seed.

Adam and I don't know have all the answers- but we know this- God has a plan for us- for this farm- and for the people whose lives we will touch. We're all in- seeds of change and all.

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