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Nothing Runs Like My Dear....

No, we did not get a new green tractor..............(green paint is way too expensive)....but I thought I'd modify their slogan for this post as it seemed quite fitting. This week I thought we'd reached a new level of outrage toward our animal brethren. Delores, our resident Red-Tailed deer....and her little friends, have enraged Farmer Adam somethin' fierce.

Here we were, having a lovely morning cup of tea, planning out the day, when we happen to glance outside to see Delores and her sisters nibbling the pumpkin blossoms in the patch. No pumpkins. Argh! Dang it Delores!!!!

Farmer Adam let out a bellow of rage that would do honor to his Viking ancestors and then proceeded to throw his rubber boots on, grab a t-post that was intended to stake up the tomatoes.....and then run- run like never before- after Delores and her posse. They did jump our layers of electric fence- and then30lb test fishing line web (an internet solution that is completely ridiculous as it turns out)...and off they bounded toward the river.

I thought Adam would stop.

He didn't.

He kept running.....and running....and running in those cloddy boots with the t-post at his side like a spear. It was impressive and I had the thought that if we had been born in another time, he would definitely be able to run down the gazelle on the Serengeti in order to feed his family.

Well, he did stop- eventually- but only after he'd chased Delores across the river. I'm sure she'll be back. But at least she'll know that-

Nothing runs like my dear......

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