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And so it begins......

This is the week we've been waiting for- the start of the CSA season. Hours of planting, weeding, nurturing and fussing have all yielded some wonderful results.

Mind you, we've had a few set backs. Delores the Red-Tailed Deer has brought a few of her friends around. Our two layer electric fence, which was effective last year, has not fit the bill this year. Delores and her friends munched 18 of our tomato plants early in the season. She also enjoyed the sweet peppers- not only eating the majority, but pulling them out of the ground as well. Perhaps I could train her to pull the weeds?!?

Nevertheless, the gambling that is farming still has it's appeal. When the sun and water combine with our rich soil, the results are nutritious, vitamin-rich produce. It'll be fun to see what nature- and Delores, have in store for us each week. What an adventure!

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