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Firmly Planted

What a weekend! The weather was perfect for farm chores. Adam and I decided that this would be the year that we could do our hay without visitng the mechanic or shelling out hunderds of dollars in repairs. This would be the year we didn't have to call our neighbor and hire out the rest of the job because the repairs would take too long and we'd miss the window of optimum harvest for our hay. This would be the year.


Perhaps this would be the year that we quit this farming thing! There were moments when we came close this weekend folks.....really close.

It wasn't just the breakdowns and multiple equipment failures; the frustration of yet again having something go sideways that ends up draining what little money we've scraped together for inputs in the farm. It wasn't the smashed fingers, escaping chickens or brand new sprinklers that are pieces of junk effectively spraying water everywhere but where you need it. What was really difficult this weekend was the realization of the effects on our family. This type of farming activity is truly not a family affair.

Since our kids are so little we tag-team the jobs on the farm- one of us outside the other with the kids. Sure we try to do as much as possible to include them- but thier bandwidth is limited- particularly in the heat. The result of which is that at the end of the weekend we've been somewhat productive and somewhat disconnected from each other and as a family. I'm sure you farmers out there can relate. Long days.

I did manage to get everything planted. I had a great moment of solitude in the pumpkin patch last night putting the last seeds in the ground. Literally, I've touched every seed that has gone into our soil this year. There's something about planting that I find so rewarding. For me, it's the potential of the event. You don't know in the end what, if anything will come up. But it's not just about the harvest.

Gardening and farming are about being frimly planted. You're making a commitment to a journey- albeit a few months- of tending, caring, watching, waiting, marveling at what becomes of a little seed. It's a fragile relationship- one wherein you're integral. The plants rely on your doing your part- water, weeding, protection from Derek and Delores (our black tail deer). The most amazing thing is that when you do your part- you are then blessed with abundance. A beautiful relationship indeed.

This is a good life we're building. Not always an easy life- but a good life. We'll sort out the balance thing I suppose.....because we are firmly planted here at Seedpod Farm.

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