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It'll Grow Back

Ummmm- for my fiber friends out there- this post may be painful. Terry of Whistlekick may want to close your eyes.

Adam and my father Duane, built an awesome stanchion. (Great job Farmers Adam and Duane!). Lan approved, walked right on up....and stood there oh so patiently while I did my worst. The soda crackers worked wonders.

I've put off doing this post for some time hoping that I could get some better pictures in the days following the "event". I was hoping that my "hatchet job" wouldn't look so bad. Time is not helping. I think that there's no denying the fact that I am less of a skilled stylist when it comes to my goat.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words.......and may I remind you- that sometimes no words are necessary.....except these....... It'll grow back.

Lan Mandragoran upon arrival at

Seedpod Farm.

Lan standing patiently through

hoof trimming....

And now....brace yourself........ (Note his downcast ear. Sorry, Pal).

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