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Peep, Peeps at Seedpod Farm

You couldn't ask for a lovelier day today. The sun is shining and there's a light breeze. It is the quintessential Spring day. What a more perfect way to spend it than bringing new life on the farm?!

We just welcomed 50 red broiler chickens from Cackle Hatchery in Missouri. These gems will be raised in our new chicken tractors on our pasture. I've been busily mowing paths in the hay field that will serve as lines for our paddock fencing this fall. In the meantime, we'll work the poultry through these spaces, moving the birds daily to partake of all the insects and "salad" they can devour. We are taking CSA orders for these Pasture Raised Red Broilers. A $5.00 deposit is required for each bird, with a price of $5/lb due upon processing....which should be in about 9-11 weeks.

In addition to the broilers, we've also brought 25 more heritage Delaware pullets onto the farm, doubling our laying flock. These gals will also be pasture raised and join our other layers this next fall. Details to follow there. We are still accepting CSA Egg shares- 8 dozen at $4.25 per dozen......vs. $4.50 per dozen as direct farm sales. Please call for availability.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened today was the arrival of Isaac's New Hampshire Red flock. Our eldest has been researching this breed for the last few years and is finally ready to take on the responsibility of raising his own mini flock. These will be on display at the Seedpod Farm Spring Festival & Craft Fair on April 25th from 9-3pm. Be sure to stop by Isaac's booth so that he can share all about his chickens.

A fun day for sure! Peep, peep!!

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