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"Honey, Get us on The Facebook....."

It's finally happened- we're on Facebook! (Or "The Facebook" as my hubby says. Don't worry, we've seen the movie- we know to drop the "The").

Seedpod Farm has entered the realm of social media ( I will admit, I have really resisted this. In part, it's been a function of time- but not only that, if I'm brutally honest.

I have observed how consuming social media can be.....and it's thus far made me resist jumping in that pool. Maybe you've noticed this too- you're in the middle of a conversation when a phone pings, bings or chimes.....and just like that, the person you're chatting with is swept into another world. "Sorry, what were you saying.....?".

One of the gifts I was granted in being a Medical Social Worker earlier in my career life, was learning the value of presence. As a major multi-tasker, I always have a number of things percolating in my head- so being present is something I work to do.

Don't get me wrong- I know the power of social media- the positive impact it can have, the connections it can yield, and the progress it can bring......and that's why we're taking the plunge and joining. But, I do so making the commitment to myself, my hubby- and my kiddos- to continue to strive to be present.

To remind myself of that, I chose one of my favorite pictures of the kids and I reading a story. Granted, it was a few years ago and we could cuddle up a little easier then. At this point in our lives- I can still squeeze them all on my lap- and I do.....but I won't be able to for much longer. Be Present.

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