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Finnish Pulla

Each holiday- be it Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter- my "Grandma B" would bake the most wonderful bread- Finnish Pulla. Pulla is an egg-based sweetbread with cardamom. Most Scandinavian countries have something similar. It smells and tastes like Christmas to me. Although Gram has passed on to Greater Glory- I aim to continue the tradition of making pulla for our family.

Seedpod Farm Pulla

One of the things I'm purposeful about is "connecting the dots" for my kids. So, when we make pulla together I share with them stories about my grandmother- how she once made a large wreath for my 7th grade class to accompany an interview and report I did about her early years. I was so proud to share a piece of our history with my friends. Or, how very much family meant to her. Or, how my brother, playing the snare drum, and I playing her little keyboard were (reluctantly) roped into playing for the Finnish Society's Christmas supper. Gram played the accordian. Our performance that had more than one hitch!

Although most of the time she crafted braids, I try to make a wreath for Christmas Eve. That way, Gram is with us in that small way.

Blessed Christmas to you and yours

from Seedpod Farm.

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