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"That's the way things happen on 'The Polar Express'"

I think we've landed on a new family tradition for the Gulletts. We recently

Seedpod Farm Polar Express_edited

volunteered on the Chehalis-Centralia Steam Train's version of "The Polar Express". This was a wonderful way to not only give back- but thoroughly enjoy one of our passions- trains.

When we purchased the farm we were ecstatic to find that the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad line is just on the other side of the river. We can see the train every twenty minutes or so from our kitchen window. To some that might not be a thrill- but to folks that love trains, it's wonderful. More than that, it's a comfort.

Coming from a railroading family- I've always seen trains as a symbol of the progress of life. Folks travel from here to there- goods move to and fro. Since my father was employed by the BNSF for 41 years before retiring, the train also meant that he could provide for our family. I was more than excited when our oldest kiddo became so enamored with trains. But I digress.....

We were able to volunteer as a family- along with a few dear friends, on a recent steam train ride with a theme from the movie, "The Polar Express". Donning a chef's hat and jacket, we served cocoa to the soundtrack's recognizable "Hot Chocolate" song. We read the story to the passengers- and lead the car in carols.

The best part of the evening though was seeing Isaac take initiative in caring for the passengers. He did a fantastic job and more than once said to me "Mom, I've got it." It was great to step back and watch him step up. I'm looking forward to next year- It will be a wonderful tradition!

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