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Advent Expectation

It's Advent!....a season of expectation. I enjoy this time of year and weaving-in

traditions from my youth and my husband's youth as well. One such tradition is making an Advent Wreath. I've been eyeing branches from our western red cedar that needed pruning and chose ones with lovely little pinecones. Add to that some cyprus trimmings and white candles- it's a lovely smelling wreath worthy of a table centerpiece.

Using a styrofoam (argh) base, I used small gauge wire to secure the bundles. I did not use glue- although that was my first instinct. It should be easy enough to reuse the base next year after unwrapping the bundles.

Our tradition is to gather around the Advent Wreath, light the candle for the week that we're in and then open the door to the Advent Calendar. We then read from our family Bible. This year, I look forward to the kids taking turns reading the Scripture passage for the day. In all, it's a moment of peace in the day that allows us to focus on the true meaning of the season-and build a sense of expectation for upcoming birth of Jesus.

Advent Expectation!

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