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It's All in the Details

There's nothing like a pretty table. Maybe it is because I'm a mother of three- and my table rarely looks divine.....but on special occasions, it is wonderful to dust off the nice stuff and set a lovely table. This year I scoured the internet for ideas for placesettings. I landed on crafting some pockets made of burlap. I picked up the 5" wide size from the local craft store along with some stich witchery (my sewing skills are lacking!). Easy enough. Add some laurel leaves from the backyard, a burlap bow (also from the craft store ready-made)- and you've got yourself a simple and elegant place setting. The great thing about this pocket is that it's also reusable.

In keeping with the gold theme, I spray painted gingko leaves and wrote our names on them. I also grabbed the minipumpkins purchased for Halloween Math- and covered them with the same gold spray paint. Throw some cranberries in a glass bowl with candles and water..... and your look is complete.

As pretty as the table was though, the best part about Thanksgiving was sitting around the table with my family. It was a first actually- as distance often percludes us from being together. The chance to be together was truly the most beautiful thing about the day.

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