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Gaining Know-How and Insight

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I've just wrapped up an eight week course entitled "Cultivating Success: Intro to Small Business and Marketing" sponsored by the Washington State University Extension Service. It's been a good course over all. My main hope was to understand the lay of the land in terms of how agriculture is supported at the local, state and federal level. What I learned is's complicated.

We were the beneficiaries of a hot-off-the-press publication published by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. This book was refered to by many folks as The Source if you have particular questions about process and products.

Without a doubt my favorite part of the class was getting to hear from farmers themselves. It's one thing to read a manual, it's another to hear of someone's expereince navigating a process. We'll see what the next step is after I have some time to..... read, mark, learn and inwardly digest!

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