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When Providence Takes Hold

There are times when Providence simply takes hold. In your wildest dreams, you could not have imagined yourself standing there. And yet, when you take stock, it is abundantly clear that God's Providence- God's Divine Will- has been at work.

That is how we felt the first time we stepped onto this property in the fall of 2011. We were looking for a few acres in southwest Washington- just enough to have a horse, maybe a few chickens...and a big garden.

I had imagined myself canning my own food, teaching our children how to care for the garden- and getting up at the crack of dawn to happily muck out a stall before sending them off to school.

What was not in the plan......our plan anyway....was owning nearly 22 acres on the Skookumchuck River in Centralia, WA- 18 of which was already in grass hay with a wealth of potential in the land.

What was not in the plan.....our plan anyway......was developing a vision that included a sustainable small farm, creating value added products or sharing this amazing experience by homeschooling our three kiddos.

None of our plans mattered much really- because God's plan is turning out to be more amazing than we could have possilby imagined. That's true for us all- especially when we allow Providence to take hold.

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