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A Wrong Turn?

As a homeschooling family, the world is the classroom. My main job as a teacher and parent is to bestow a sense of wonder and service in my children. When we fail to ask questions, see truth and beauty or grapple with our response to what we see- we miss the boat. All of that starts with our own smidgen of life here- our relationships, stewardship of our resources- and our dreams of the future for our family.

Since we've been on this homesteading journey- we've had plenty of learning along the way. Each slice of our business plan pie is carefully researched, discussed and weighed. As we've learned more about livestock and the breeds we'd like to have on our farm, we've taken advantage of the recent spate of veterinarian oriented shows on tv. One of our favorites is Dr. Pol on the National Geographic Wild Channel. Dr. Jan Pol and Dr. Brenda Grettenberger run a rural vet practice in Michigan. We've learned a great deal from the show- as demonstrated by the antics of the Seedpod Kids.

We have some camping mats that, when not in use for guests, are wonderful tumbling mats for the kids. Recently the kids have been enjoying being "squished" between the mats (sensory override- for you ASD families out there). Imagine my surprise when I hear the following dialogue from my eldest as Doc Pol and my youngest as Doc Brenda. The part of the calf is played by Nate. The blue mats are......well ummm......the cow's backside.

"I've got the legs! Ok, I'm going to pull....." Groan, strain, argh.....

"Great, he's out -but he's not moving. Dr Brenda, get the water." Splash-

Doc Brenda AKA Ellie, then says "Not working. I'll stick my fingers up his nose".

Doc Pol, "Good plan. But, still nothing. Let's swing him." Grabs Nate's legs and pretends to swing him inverted.

Doc Brenda checks- "I got a heart beat. Airway clear. Oh, how cute- another one saved!"...

Ok, not many kids play the game Pull-the-Calf- but really, have we taken a wrong turn here? Is it strange that instead of wrinkling my nose in consternation about thier imaginations, I'm instead impressed by the execution of a plan to save a life? Should I wonder at this not exactly being what other kids are playing?

Nah- call us when you need a calf pulled :-).


"Fingers up the nose."

"Another life saved!"

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