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A Winter Tradition

Advent and Christmas bring with them a host of "to-dos". We try to "stay on target" in terms of the meaning of the season focusing on traditions and customs that weave in our heritage. I want our kiddos to be able to have tangible memories of our holiday time as a family and connections with their "roots". One of the traditions from Adam's side of the family is the creating of a "Winter Scene" using Plaster of Paris and newspaper on a reusable wooden base. This was an all-afternoon project, but a fun quality time with their dad. The kids then trimmed branches left over from the Advent Wreath we made last week- and inserted them into the plaster to serve as a forest.

The neatest part was the unwrapping of the wood figures that have been passed down from the kids' grandparents. It was wonderful to see Adam share stories and remembrances of playing with the wooden figurines. I have no doubt, the Winter Scene will be as loved by our children, as it has been by their dad.

Seedpod Farm Winter Scene

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