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Another Soul to Love.......

Having been raised on a farm, I learned quickly about the rhythm of life.

Spring brings new birth. The daffodils are blooming, the hay is flushing a vibrant green, and the honeybees are on the search for forage. This week though, we were reminded that just as there are seasons of birth there are also seasons of death.

Sadly, one of our goats passed away last weekend. It was difficult for the Seedpod Kids. It was touching to have them remember "Goaty" in their prayers and wish him well in Heaven. We have worked hard to remind them of the context in which we have animals. As farmers it is our job to give animals a good life- the best we can in a manner in which God created them.......and it is also our job as farmers to give our animals a good death when the time comes. We'll face this hurdle as a family in a number of weeks with our pasture-raised Red Broilers. More on that later.....

Being down to one goat provided us an opportunity. In searching for a friend for our Dwarf Nigerian Pygmy Goat, "Shy", we were lucky enough to find a producer just south of us in Winlock, WA- Terri Kistler of Whistlekick Pygoras. What a gem she is......with a heart for mentoring.

We had been researching Pygoras as a fiber goat that we'd like to add to our some point. Fortunately, Miss Terri was willing to part with "Lan Mandragoran"- a 2013 Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival Grand Champion Fleece winning wether. He is a beauty!....and is already warming up to "Shy". His fiber is cashmere and I am thrilled to have an excuse to learn how to spin!

Thank you Goaty for the joy you brought to Seedpod Farm. And, thank you Terri- for trusting us with another soul to love....

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